When you use Windower, you can install plugins, write your own Lua scripts, and customize the Final Fantasy XI game interface to fit your playing style.

Using Windower

  1. Download Windower
    Save the Windower executable to a folder on your computer.
  2. Set Up A Profile
    Start Windower, and configure your Windower profile.
  3. Launch Final Fantasy XI

Extending Windower

Windower provides a framework for addons and plugins that you can use to extend and enhance the game interface and functions.

Explore the Addons and Plugins sections to find out more about the options available.

Linux / Steam Deck

Full Linux support for Windower 4 is not guaranteed, but you can get it to work with a few caveats.

For more information about our suggested method (Lutris), see Linux Installations.

Resolving Issues

If you have issues, you can: