Addons allow you to extend the basic functionality of Windower and are written in Lua.

For more information about how to write Lua addons for use in Windower, see our Lua Development Wiki.

Addon Author Description
AEcho Nitrous Automatically uses echo drops when you get silenced. Also, uses send to send a message to an alt that you got debuffed.
AnnounceTarget JoshK6656,Sechs Checks your current target and produces various chat messages according to settings.
AnsweringMachine Byrth Stores tells that you receive for later recall.
AutoControl Nitrous Automated automaton equipment setting and burden tracker.
AutoInvite Registry Automatically invites players when sent a tell with a specified keyword.
AutoJoin Arcon Automatically joins or declines party invites. Configurable with blacklist/whitelist mode and auto-decline settings.
AutoRA Banggugyangu Cuases Ranged Attacks to behave the same as melee Auto-Attack.
AzureSets Nitrous Automated blue magic spell setting.
BarFiller Morath Displays a graphical XP bar.
BattleMod Byrth Customizes battle chat messages.
Blist Ikonic More detailed blist with tiered display options. Allows for blist to be active on any or all of several chat types.
BLUAlert Kainsin Monitors monster abilities for Blue Magic spells that you don’t know. When one is detected it will write a message into chat and play a sound to notify you.
BluGuide Anissa of Cerberus Allows selection of blue magic spells with a graphical interface.
BoxDestroyer Acacia@Odin Assists in opening treasure caskets.
Cancel Byrth Cancels buffs from the command line.
CapeTrader Lygre, Burntwaffle Automates the process of augmenting Ambuscade capes.
CellHelp Krizz/Balloon Tracks cells that are needed, displays your position in the lot order, and creates the appropriate LL profiles.
Chars Zohno This addon lets you input special chars using simple tags (ex.: for ♪).
ChatPorter Ikonic Displays tell, party, and linkshell chat to alternate character and optional textbox. Also, allows you to reply from either character.
Clock StarHawk Displays the current time in various time zones around the world in a customizable format on the screen.
ConsoleBG StarHawk Creates a background shadow for the console window to make it more readable.
Craft Snaps A Final Fantasy XI crafting addon.
Digger Acacia@Odin A Chocobo digging addon.
Distance Windower Shows the distance towards the current target in yalms. Useful for range estimations.
DistancePlus Sammeh Enhances the functionality of the Distance addon.
DressUp Cair Allows you to specify custom gear models for yourself, others, or individual players.
DynamisHelper Krizz Displays a timer when a mob is procced, tracks currency obtained, and can create a LL to lot all currency.
EnemyBar mmckee Creates a big health bar for the target to make it easy to see.
Enternity Zohno Enters “Enter” automatically when prompted during a cutscene or when talking to NPCs. It will not skip choice dialog boxes.
Equipviewer Tako, Rubenator Displays current equipment grid on screen. Also can show current Ammo count and current Encumbrance.
Eval Aureus Allows developers to run arbitrary lua code in the console.
FastCS Cair Uses the config plugin to automatically disable the frame rate cap during custcenes.
FindAll Zohno Searches items stored on all your characters.
Gametime Omnys Displays gametime-based information.
GearSwap Byrth Changes gear in response to player actions..
Highlight Balloon Highlights the names of the people in your party, and highlights their name when it appears in chat.
InfoBar Kenshi Displays a configurable bar showing information on your targets.
InfoReplacer Cair Replaces outgoing text prefixed by % with respective information.
InstaLS Byrth Allows linkshell chat immediately after zoning.
Itemizer Ihina Provides a chat/console interface for moving items around between bags.
JobChange Sammeh Allows command-line job change as long as you’re within 6 yalms of a Job Change NPC.
LatentChecker smd111 Checks weapon skill points of valid weapons.
Linker Arcon Allows opening links to certain websites from within the game, with an optional search parameter.
Logger Aikar Outputs all text that appears in the chat log into a text file under Windower/logs/.
MacroChanger Banggugyangu Automatically switches Macro Book and Page according to job changes.
MobCompass Sebyg666 A compass to show your position relative to the target (not players) for geo and has a setup for Sneak attack.
Nostrum trv Creates a click-able onscreen macro to help avoid targeting issues while curing.
ObiAway Reaper X Automatically remove elemental obis based on day/weather/storm conditions.
OhShi Nitrous Keeps track of various event related things. Such as, VW proc messages, mob casting, mob tp moves, TH procs and cor rolls, as well as others.
Organizer Byrth/Rooks An inventory management plugin similar to GearCollector.
Omen Braden/Sechs Creates a custom window that tracks the current Omen floor’s Primary and Secondary objectives.
PetTP SnickySnacks Displays current pet TP level.
Plasmon Zohno Tracks plasm, killed mobs and dropped airlixirs during a delve.
Plugin Manager Byrth Allows you to specify which plugins and addons will be used with which characters.
Porter Zohno Shows the slips’ items highlighting those that are stored.
Pouches Omnys@Valefor Allows you to open items in your inventory from a command.
RAWR Genoxd Plays a sound on Escha dragon pop notices.
Respond Byrth Respond to tells and FFOchat PMs using %%//%%r.
Reive Zohno Tracks exp, bayld, momentum scores and bonuses during a reive.
Rhombus trv Creates a click-able onscreen menu based on customizable user files.
RollTracker Balloon Simplifies Cor rolls, tells you the bonus they give, stops you from doubling up on lucky rolls and reports your chance to bust.
Scoreboard Suji Basic in-game damage parser. It displays live DPS and works even when chat filters are enabled.
Send Byrth Sends commands between windower instances using IPC.
SetBGM Acacia@Odin Allows you to set various types of music in the game.
Shortcuts Byrth Applies spellcast-like command completion (interpretation and target completion) to commands.
SpeedChecker Arcon Displays a small box indicating your current movement speed modifier.
SpellCheck Zubis Lists spells you haven’t unlocked yet.
STNA Nitrous One-button status removal for dual boxing.
Stopwatch Puhfyn@Ragnarok Provides stopwatch functionality.
SubTarget Sebyg666 Facilites casting buffs to a chosen party member when dualboxing without having to write 6 macros for the same spell.
TargetInfo Arcon Displays information about your current target in memory.
Temps Snaps Makes buying temporary items and key items from Escha NPCs much easier.
Text Dewin Allows creation and manipulation of text objects on screen.
THTracker Krizz Displays the current treasure hunter level.
Timestamp Zohno Prefixes any chat message with a timestamp. Based on Timestamp plugin.
TParty Cliff Shows a target’s HP percentage next to their health bar and displays party and alliance member’s TP.
Translate Byrth Automatically translate chat text and search comments from JP to EN.
TreasurePool Kenshi Replacement for the Treasure Pool thats shows time till the item auto drop and who is the current winning lot.
Treasury Ihina Manages the treasure pool for you and keeps your inventory clean of unwanted items.
Update Arcon Updates all addons and plugins automatically or on-demand.
VisibleFavor Acacia@Odin Displays a geomancy bubble around your avatar so that it’s possible to see the area of effect of Avatar’s Favor and Blood Pact: Wards.
VWHL Zohno Redirects the nm’s weaknesses (VW or Abyssea) to the “tell” stream so that they can be held using the chat filters’ function and highlights the important info.
XIVBar Edeon This addon displays vital bars for easy tracking.
Yush Arcon A portable macro engine based on customizable Lua files. Triggers faster than in-game macros and allows a significantly higher number of key combinations.
ZoneTimer Ihina Displays the time you have been in zone.