Author: Sebyg666
Version: 1.0

Must have the “send” addon to work.

I created this addon for the perpous of fasilitating casting buffs from my alt to the chosen party member from my mains window without having to write 6 macros for the same spell. If you use <stal> in your macro you can easily target alliance members too. you can also use this with <stpc>.

Currently due to the limitations of mob targeting this does not apply to <stnpc> as i do not know how to force the alt to target a mob by ID.


//subtargetor //sta

“HELP” or no command

Explanation of the addons usage printed to the console, essentially the 2 commands below.


subtarget|sta go mule_name spell_name                              
  • Main usage.
  • create an ingame macro with 2 lines
    • line 1: /target
    • line 2: /con sta go mule_name spell_name
  • This sends your mule the spell + the target selected from


subtarget|sta toggle                                                
  • turns on off ingame text verification for debugging

Example Macro

line 1: /target <stal> line 2: /con sta go Arcon haste

If main name is Iroku, Arcon the mule and Byrth the target of <stal>, then essentially the macro makes your mule, Arcon, cast haste on Byrth.


The latest source and information for this addon can be found on GitHub.