Author: Ragnarok.Ikonic

More detailed blist with tiered display options. Allows for blist to be active on any or all of several chat types.


//Blist and //bl are both valid commands.


bl help

Lists this menu.


bl status

Shows current configuration.


bl list

Displays blacklist.

chatmode toggles

bl useblist|linkshell|party|tell|emote|say|shout|bazaar|examine

Toggles using Blist for said chat mode.


bl mutedcolor #

Sets color for muted communication. Valid values 1-255.


bl add|update name # hidetype reason

Adds to or updates a user on your blist.

  • name = name of person you want to blist
  • # = number of days to blist said person; 0 = forever
  • hidetype = how blacklisted you want said person to be; valid options: hard, soft, muted
  • hard = full blist, nothing gets through
  • soft = message saying conversation from name was blocked
  • muted = message comes through, but in a different color
  • reason = reason why you are adding said person to blist


bl delete|remove name

Removes a user from your blist.


bl qa name [reason]

Adds a user to your blist w/o requiring extra details (reason is optional).


The latest source and information for this addon can be found on GitHub.