An addon that manages the treasure pool for you and keeps your inventory clean of unwanted items. It does three things:

  1. It lots/passes on items in the treasure pool based on per-character rules as defined in the settings file
  2. It automatically stacks items in your inventory after it changes, if enabled
  3. If automatically drops unwanted items from your inventory, if enabled


Note: All commands can be shortened to //tr. lot and pass can be shortened to l and p respectively. add and remove can be shortened to a or + and r or - respectively.

add to list

treasury lot|pass|drop add|remove [global] <name>

This will add to or remove from the lot list, pass list or drop list all items matching name. name can contain standard Windower wildcards (*, ?, |). It will add those for the current character only, unless global is specified, in which case it will add it for all characters.

There are a few special key words for name:

  • crystals matches all crystal items (excluding HQ synthing crystals)
  • geodes matches all geode items (NQ)
  • avatarites matches all geode items (HQ)
  • currency matches all Dynamis currency (all three tiers of all three kinds)
  • seals matches the standard seals found in the field (BS, KS, KC, HKC, SKC)
  • pool matches your current treasure pool

clear or list items

treasury lot|pass|drop clear|list

This will either clear the specified list (for the current character only) or list all items on the specified list.

lot or pass all

treasury lotall|passall

Lots/passes on all items currently in the pool

clear all

treasury clearall

Clears all character-specific settings (it will keep global settings)


treasury delay <value>

Sets the delay that should pass before lotting/passing/dropping items, in seconds. It will lot/pass/drop items in a random time interval between half the value specified and the full value. I.e. if you specify 5 seconds it will lot/pass/drop between 2.5 seconds and 5 seconds randomly.

toggle settings

treasury <autodrop|autostack|verbose> [on|off]

Sets the provided setting to true or false. If neither is provided, it toggles the current setting.

save settings

treasury save

Saves the current character’s settings for all characters.


The latest source and information for this addon can be found on GitHub.