Once loaded can update all addons and plugins to the newest version using //update. This can also be done automatically by configuring the settings file or by typing //update auto.




Will send an update command.

Note: This interferes with Spellcast XMLs using the custom update trigger command. To resolve that problem stop using Spellcast.

Toggle automatic updates

update auto [on|off]

Sets automatic updating to on or off (toggles if no argument specified). Note that automatic updates will not check for updates while you’re currently in combat.

Set update interval

update interval <time>

Sets the automatic update interval to the provided time. Allows unit conversion, defaults to seconds. Example:

update interval 5min
update interval 2h
update interval 30

These will set the interval to 5 minutes, 2 hours and 30 seconds respectively.


The latest source and information for this addon can be found on GitHub.