Last Updated: 01/02/15


Translate is an addon designed to automatically translate chat text and search comments from JP to EN. It creates a dictionary using the windower resources and custom-made dictionaries (../windower/addons/translate/dicts/), and replaces incoming chat lines with the matching translation in order of longest JP phrase to shortest.

This approach is not without its problems, and occasionally phrases will be translated that do not mean anything obvious. Short job names are particularly common offenders, and here is a brief guide to interpreting them:

  • WAR - Also used to indicate the number of fights that will be done.
  • ka - Also the abbreviation for PUP
  • GEO - Can also mean winds.



  • show original - Displays the original text. Known to double-up autotranslated phrases sometimes in search comments. Reason unclear.


The latest source and information for this addon can be found on GitHub.