Author: Snaps
Version: 1.0
Date: June 13th, 2017

A Final Fantasxy XI Crafting Addon


  1. help - Shows a menu of commands in game.
  2. repeat [count] - Repeats synthesis (default 1) using the lastsynth command.
    • repeat - Repeats 1 synthesis.
    • r 13 - Repeats 13 synthesis.
  3. make [recipe] [count] - Issue a synthesis command using a recipe name.
    • make “Sheep Leather” - Makes 1 Sheep Leather.
    • m “Sheep Leather” 5 - Makes 5 Sheep Leather.
  4. put [bag] - Moves all copies of an item into available bags.
    • put “Dragon Mask” - Moves all Dragon Masks in inventory to any available bags.
    • put “Dragon Mask” satchel - Moves all Dragon Masks inventory to Mog Satchel.
    • put “Dragon Mask” safe2 - Moves all Dragon Masks to Mog Safe 2 (if available).
  5. delay - Sets the delay between crafting attempts (default 24s)
    • delay 30 - Sets the delay between crafting to 30 seconds.
  6. food [item] - Sets a food item that will be consumed automatically while crafting (default None.)
    • food - Sets the auto food to None.
    • food “Kitron Macaron” - Sets the auto food to Kitron Macaron.
  7. pause - Pauses the addon.
  8. resume - Resumes the addon.
  9. clear - Clears all pending items in the queue.
  10. jiggle [key] - Set a key that will be pressed between every queue item (default disabled.)
    • jiggle - Disables the jiggle feature.
    • jiggle escape - Sets the jiggle key to escape.
  11. support - Toggles auto support/ionis (default off)
    • Must be near an NPC that offers Ionis or advanced imagery support to work.
  12. find [details] - Search for a recipe fromt the recipes list using a string.
    • find “Pizza” - Finds and displays all recipes containing the string “Pizza”.
    • find “Pizza” details - Finds and displays all recipes containing the string “Pizza”. The recipe ingredients and crystal are also displayed.
  13. status - Display some information about the addon’s current state.
  14. display - Toggles whether outgoing crafting packets are displayed in the chat log.


The latest source and information for this addon can be found on GitHub.