This script is a Chocobo digging addon to be used with Windower for Final Fantasy XI.

You can report issues, get the latest version, and view the source at:

I stopped playing FFXI (in February 2015) so I may not be able to help with bugs but I’ll try… So long as you can give me more information then “it doesn’t work” —–

This addon requires the Timers plugin to display your “recast” timer for digging. It will also display statistics about your dig accuracy, fatigue and remaining greens after each dig. The fatigue tracking will also work properly with the Blue Racing Silks bonus.



digger rank <crafting rank>

Sets your digging rank. Accepts rank name (like “Artisan”) or area delay (like “A25”).


digger stats [clear]

Displays or clears digging accuracy statistics.


The latest source and information for this addon can be found on GitHub.