This script is a Avatar’s Favor display addon to be used with Windower for Final Fantasy XI.

You can report issues, get the latest version, and view the source at:

The addon will display a Geomancy bubble around your avatar so that it’s possible to see the area of effect of your Avatar’s Favor and Blood Pact: Wards. Unfortunately the Geomancy bubble visuals a slightly smaller then Favor/Ward ranges (9 yalms vs 10 yalms) but it’s close enough to still be helpful.



vf toggle/on/off

Toggles, enabled or disables the effects.


vf display all/self/favor

Sets the conditions in which the bubbles will be displayed.

  • all = Display for all player’s avatars, all the time.
  • self = Display only for your avatar, all the time.
  • favor = Display only for your avatar, when Avatar’s Favor is active.


vf effect buff/debuff

Sets the type of Geomancy bubble visual to use.

  • buff = Use the visual effect of enhancing Geomancy.
  • debuff = Use the visual effect of enfeebling Geomancy.


The latest source and information for this addon can be found on GitHub.