Allows creation and manipulation of text objects on the screen.


All commands are of the following form:

text <name> <command> [args1 [arg2 [...]]]

There are two special commands to create and delete text objects:

  • create: Creates a text object with the specified name and optionally sets the contents to the following string
  • delete: Deletes the text object with the specified name

All other commands and their arguments can be found in the texts library. Every function in there that modifies the text object can be used as a command.


The following list of commands will create a text object containing the text “Awkward” at position (500, 500) in a huge font and bright yellow color.

text foo create Awkward
text foo pos 500 500
text foo color 255 255 0
text foo size 50
text foo italic true

This will delete it again

text foo delete


The latest source and information for this addon can be found on GitHub.