Plugins add additional functionality to Windower. While addons are written in Lua, Windower plugins are compiled from source code, usually C++, and delivered as DLL files.

Plugins are developed and maintained by the Windower team. They are automatically kept up to date by the launcher, and can be set to load automatically when you log in.

Note: Addons are now the preferred method of extending Windower functionality.

Available Plugins

Plugin Description
AutoExec Automatically run Windower commands in response to events.
Binder Bind to macro keys on your gaming keyboard or mouse.
ChatMon Adds an audible alert in response to chat events.
Config Adds several configuration options that are automatically applied to characters during play.
DelayMeNot Removes the default delay for the macro bar with keyboard controls.
FFXIDB Displays and in-game minimap.
FishingCrashFix Fixes the fishing crash introduced in the March 17 fishing update.
Guildwork Interface with
IME Allows typing in Japanese using the Windows input method editor.
InfoBar Displays a configurable bar showing information on your targets.
Run Start or stop external applications through Windower.
Sandbox Fix multiboxing issues by sandboxing elements shared between instances.
SSOrganizer Organizes screenshots based on character and area.
Tickle Displays the time remaining until your next resting tick.
Timers Tracks ability and spell recast timers, as well as durations on buffs that you cast.
WeatherMon Track and play alerts based on weather changes.
WinControl Manually control window positioning.

Deprecated Plugins

In many cases, plugin functionality has been ported into newer addons and sometimes plugins. The following noteworthy plugins are deprecated and no longer supported.

Note: This table is not exhaustive as over the years, many plugins and plugin authors have come and gone. If you have a question about a specific plugin not listed, contact us on Discord.

Plugin Replacement
Attainment PointWatch
BlinkMeNot DressUp
BoxHelper BoxDestroyer
Cancel Cancel
ChatLink ChatLink
Clock Clock
ConsoleBG ConsoleBG
Distance Distance, DistancePlus
DrawDistance Config (Plugin)
FFOChat None: The FFOChat server is no longer online.
Find FindAll
GearCollector Organizer
Itemizer Itemizer
LightLuggage Treasury
Logger Logger
PlasticSurgeon DressUp
Silence Silence
Spellcast GearSwap, Shortcuts
Text Text
Timestamp Timestamp
TParty TParty
Unlimited Config (Plugin)
UpdateResources Windower Launcher
VanaTunes SetBGM
ZoneTimer ZoneTimer