Adds several configuration options that are automatically applied to characters during play.



config help

Displays information about each available command and configuration setting.


config save

Saves the current character’s settings as global settings for all characters.

Available Settings

Automatic Aspect Ratio

config AdjustAspectRatio <true|false>

When set to true, automatically determines the correct aspect ratio to use based on your resolution.

Default: true

Animation Frame Rate

config AnimationFramerate [0-3]

Only integer values, 3 being the lowest and 0 the highest.

Default: 0

Aspect Ratio

Explicitly defines the aspect ratio (x:y resolution). Ignored if AdjustAspectRatio is set to true.

Default: 1.33333

Automatic Disconnect Time

config AutoDisconnectTime <#>

The amount of time, in minutes, of inactivity until a disconnect. Set to 0 to disable.

Default: 0

Battle Auto Target

config BattleAutoTarget <true|false>

If set to true, automatically locks on to a target after engaging.

Default: true

Clipping Plane

config ClippingPlane <#>

Sets the maximum map draw distance. 1 is the game’s default maximum.

Default: 5

Footstep Effects

config FootstepEffects <true|false>

Enables footstep effects, both display and sound.

Default: true

Framerate Divisor

config FrameRateDivisor <0-2>

Sets the game’s frame rate divisor, starting from a root of 60fps. 2 results in the default 30fps frame rate, 1 results in 60fps, and 0 is fully uncapped.

Caution: A fully uncapped framerate results in animation glitching and can cause the client to crash during certain events, such as zoning. Not recommended unless you artificially set a 60fps limit with another external application, such as the display driver.

Default: 2