AutoExec allows you to monitor certain events and react to them through Windower commands. Unlike SpellCast, which allows you to perform commands when you actively do something, this plugin is completely passive and depends on what goes on around you. Examples are alerts for weather changes or automatic changing of macro books/sets when changing jobs as well as various other things.


  • All of AutoExec’s events are now exposed as Lua events and are usually easier to use in there.


Events that AutoExec can react to. See the Usage explanations below.

Event Description
pluginload_<x>x<y>_<lang> Triggers on plugin load and contains resolution and language information.

Languages are: 0 (JP), 1 (NA), 2 (EU)
login Triggers on character login.
login_<name> Triggers on character login if the name matches.
logout Triggers on character logout.
logout_<name> Triggers on character logout if the name matches.
jobchange_<mjob>/<sjob> Triggers on job change to main/sub.
jobchangefull_<mjob><mlvl>/<sjob><slvl> Triggers on job change to mjob mlvl/sjob slvl.
time_<hr>.<min> Triggers when the in-game time changes to hr:min.
chat_<mode>_<name>_<msg> Triggers when receiving chat from name in the provided mode.

Modes are: say, shout, party, linkshell, tell, emote
gainbuff_<status> Triggers when receiving the status status effect.
losebuff_<status> Triggers when the status status effect disappears.
invite_<name> Triggers when name invites you to join their party or alliance.
day_<day> Triggers when day changes to day.

Days are: Firesday, Earthsday, Watersday, Windsday, Iceday, Lightningday, Lightsday, Darksday
moon_<type> Triggers when the moon changes.

Moon types are: New moon, waxing/waning crescent/quarter/gibbous moon, full moon
moonpct_<percent> Triggers when the moon changes to a certain percentage.
zone_<zone> Triggers when zoning to zone.
lvup Triggers when leveling up.
lvdown Triggers when leveling down.
gainexp_<amount> Triggers when gaining EXP by the specified amount.
chain_<number> Triggers when the EXP chain reaches number.
weather_<weather> Triggers on weather change. Append “x2” for double weather only.

Weathers are: Clear, Fire, Fire_x2, Earth, Earth_x2, etc.
status_<status> Triggers when the player status changes.

Statuses are: Idle, Engaged, Resting, Dead, Event
examined_<player> Triggers when player examines you.
noammo Triggers when the ammo slot empties.
tp_<percent> Triggers when TP reaches percent%.
The following events are all defined equally for both HP and MP:  
hp_<number> Triggers when HP is number.
hpp_<percent> Triggers when HP hits percent%.
lowhp Triggers when HP is under 20%. This will not trigger again until the player’s HP reaches 40%.
criticalhp Triggers when HP is under 5%. This will not trigger again until the player’s HP reaches 20%.
hpmax_<number> Triggers when max HP is number.
These are defined for both HP and MP, but at different values:  
hpplt76 Triggers when HP drops below 76%.
hppgt75 Triggers when HP rises above 75%.
mpplt50 Triggers when MP drops below 50%.
mppgt49 Triggers when MP rises above 49%.


AutoExec can be used with either pre-defined XML files, or directly from within the game through Windower commands (see section Commands for further info). XMLs have the following format:

    <!-- Optional number of events or imports. -->
    <register event="login_Mymule" silent="false" runonce="false">exec mule_key_bindings.txt</register>

<import> allows AutoExec to read additional XMLs and register their events as well.

register registers an event. Whenever that event triggers, the Windower command specified between the <register> tags will execute. Additional options are as follows:

Attribute Default Description
event None The event on which this rule should trigger.
silent false If set to true, will not display in the console when loaded.
runonce false If set to true, will only execute once and then automatically unregister the event.

Furthermore, all AutoExec events support wildcard usage.


autoexec <command> [arg1 [arg2 [...]]]
ae <command> [arg1 [arg2 [...]]]
Command Arguments Default Description
list [echo] None Prints a list of currently registered events to the console. If echo is appended, it will output them to the chatlog instead.
register <id>




Registers a new event. ID is a unique number to remember it by, so it can be unregistered again afterwards. The events are the same as described above, wildcards enabled. Command is any Windower command.
registeronce As above *As above Same as above, but unregisters it immediately after it’s triggered for the first time, so it only executes once.