Tracks ability and spell recast timers, as well as durations on buffs that you cast.


Can either be called only by the full name:


timers create

timers (c)reate <name> <duration> <up|down> <icon>

Create a custom timer.

  • <name> name of the timer.
  • <duration> time in seconds the timer will be tracking.
  • <up|down> direction of the progress bar fill.
  • <icon> file or subpath to .png, subpath must be contained in %WindowerPath%/plugins/icons/. examples:
    • 00001
    • abilities/00001
    • spells/00001.png

timers delete

timers (d)elete <name>

Deletes an existing timer by name.


Timers uses timers.xml in the plugins/settings folder for all it’s settings.