Displays an in-game minimap.

You can position and zoom the map by dragging and scrolling with the mouse or by using commands.

General Commands


If specified with no parameters, displays the plugin help.

Reload Settings

ffxidb {r|reload}

Reloads the settings file.

Available Map Commands


ffxidb {p|pos|position} <x> <y>

Sets the minimap x and y positions.

ffxidb {px|posx|positionx} <x>

Sets the minimap x position.

ffxidb {py|posy|positiony} <y>

Sets the minimap y position.


ffxidb {sc|scale} <factor>

Sets the minimap scale factor. For example, 1 for 1.0x scale.

Default: 1


ffxidb {z|zoom} <percentage>

Sets the minimap zoom between 0 and 1000, inclusive.

ffxidb {z+|z-|zoom+|zoom-}

Increases (+) or reduces (-) the minimap zoom by 10.


ffxidb {o|opacity} <percentage>

Sets the minimap’s opacity between 0 and 100, inclusive.

Entity Visibility

ffxidb {pc|npc|mob|marker}

Toggles visibility for the specified entity type on the minimap.


ffxidb {rn|range} <radius> [<red> <green> <blue>]

Defines a new range to show on the map.

ffxidb {drn|delete-range} <radius>

Deletes a previously defined range.

Target Lines

ffxidb {tl|target-line}

Toggles target line visibility on the minimap.