Author: Tako, Rubenator
Version: 3.3.0
Date: April 13, 2021

  • Displays current equipment grid on screen. Also can show current Ammo count and current Encumbrance.


  • Most settings can be modified via commands, but you can edit the settings.xml directly for a few uncommon settings.

Abbreviation: //ev


  1. position : move display to position (from top left)
  2. size : set pixel size of each item slot (defaults to 32 -- same as the size of the item icons)
  3. scale : scale multiplier for size of each item slot (1 is 32px) -- modifies same setting as size
  4. alpha : set opacity of icons (out of 255)
  5. transparency : inverse of alpha (out of 255) -- modifies same setting as alpha
  6. background : sets color and opacity of background (out of 255)
  7. ammocount: toggles showing current ammo count (defaults to on/true)
  8. encumbrance: toggles showing encumbrance Xs (defaultis on/true)
  9. hideonzone: toggles hiding while crossing zone lines (default is on/true)
  10. hideoncutscene: toggles hiding when in cutscene/npc menu/etc (default is on/true)
  11. justify: toggles between ammo text being right or left justifed (default is right justified)
  12. help: displays explanations of each command

Legacy Command:

game_path : sets path to FFXI folder where you want dats extracted from. Backslashes `\` must be escaped (like so: `\\`) or use forewardslash `/` instead. (legacy command as of `3.3.1` in which the game path is now pulled from the registry, but this command is still here in case you want to pull from dats that exist elsewhere)

Example Commands

//ev pos 700 400
//ev size 64
//ev scale 1.5
//ev alpha 255
//ev transparency 200
//ev background 0 0 0 72
//ev ammocount
//ev encumbrance
//ev hideonzone
//ev hideoncutscene
//ev justify
//ev help


The latest source and information for this addon can be found on GitHub.