This addon allows players to see their DPS live while fighting enemies. Party and alliance member DPS is also displayed. DPS accumulation is active whenever anyone in your alliance is currently in battle. In addition to DPS, each player’s total damage and their percent contribution is also displayed.

Author: Suji

Please report any issues or feedback to: Suji@ffxiah Suji@Guildwork


All in-game commands are prefixed with //sb or //scoreboard, for example: //sb report tell suji

Command Arguments Description
help   Displays the help text(includes most of what is here.)
pos x y Positions the scoreboard to the given coordinates.
report target Reports the damage. With no argument, it will go to whatever you have your current chatmode set to. Supported targets are “s”, “t”, “p”, “l”. If you pass “t”, you must also pass a player name. Ex.//sb report tell suji
reportstat or rs stat player target Reports the given stat. Supported stats are: acc, racc, crit, rcrit, wsavg. player is only needed if you wish to only report the stat of a single player. Valid target is the same as the previous and no target specified will be sent to default chat. Ex.//sb rs acc suji party or //sb rs rcrit zumi tell suji
filter   This works in conjunction with one of the three arguments listed below.
  show Shows the current mob filters.
  Add “mob1” “mob2” … Adds mob(s) to the filters. These can all be substrings. Legal Lua patterns are also allowed.
  clear Clears all mobs from the filter.
visible   Toggles visibility of the scoreboard.
stat “statname” “player” View specific parser stats. This will respect the current filter settings. Valid stats are: acc, racc, crit, rcrit. The player arguement is optional. Ex.//sb stat acc or //sb stat crit flippant


The settings file, located in ...addons/scoreboard/data/settings.xml, contains additional configuration options:

Value Description
posX x coordinate for position of scoreboard.
posY y coordinate for position of scoreboard.
numPlayers The maximum number of players to display damage for.
bgTransparency Transparency level for the background. 0-255 range.
font The font for the Scoreboard. This defaults to Courier but it may be changed to one of the following fonts: Fixedsys, Lucida Console, Courier, Courier New, MS Mincho, Consolas, Dejavu Sans Mono.
fontsize Size of Scoreboard’s font.
sbcolor Color of scoreboard’s chat log output.
showallidps Set to true to display the alliance DPS, false otherwise.
resetfilters Set to true if you want filters reset when you //sb reset, false otherwise.

Author’s Warning: DPS is an approximation, although I tested it manually and found it to be very accurate. Because DPS accumulation is based on the game’s notion of when you are in battle, if someone else engages before you, your DPS will suffer. Try to engage fast to get a better approximation. The methods used in here cause some discrepancies with the data reported by KParser. In some cases, Scoreboard will report more damage, which generally indicates that KParser is not including something (ie, Scoreboard will be more accurate). However, there are cases where KParser is reporting damage that Scoreboard is not, and I’m currently focused on resolving this issue in particular. This addon is still in development.

Please report any issues or feedback to Suji using the links above.

Credits by Suji: Thanks to Flippant for all of the helpful feedback and comments and to Zumi for encouraging me to write this in the first place.


The latest source and information for this addon can be found on GitHub.