Using Windower

How do I use Windower?

See Getting Started.

What is true fullscreen?

True fullscreen mode disables Windower in terms of windowing the game. In true fullscreen mode, you cannot use ALT + TAB; it only gives you plugins and addons.

How do I load a plugin?

If the plugin name is FFXIDB, you have 3 options:

  • Enable the Find plugin in your Windower launcher profile.
  • Open the Windower console and type load ffxidb.
  • In the game chat log, type //load ffxidb.

How do I load an addon?

If the addon name is Clock, you have 3 options:

  • Enable the Clock addon in your Windower launcher profile.
  • Open the Windower console and type lua l clock.
  • In the game chat log, type //lua l clock.

What commands can I use?

See the Windower Commands section.

I don’t want to use any plugins or addons. How can I get rid of them?

Disable them in your profile in the Windower launcher.

How do I log into 2+ accounts at the same time?

Simply run Windower a second time, you do not need to install mulitple copies of Windower.

Errors and Problems

FFXI runs terribly with the launcher graphical settings, how can I lower them further?

Edit settings.xml in your Windower directory, you can set the supersampling multiplier to anything you want.

Values less than 1 will undersample, which may speed up performance on low-powered PCs.

The game crashes when I load a second character through Windower

Windower alone cannot prevent issues related to FFXI trying to claim exclusive use of your graphics adapter.

You can prevent crashes related to exclusive GPU use when multiboxing in a few ways. For example:

  • Change your Windows User Account Control (UAC) settings by lowering it at least one setting to prevent desktop dimming. To access the UAC settings, open the Start menu, type User Account Control, and choose Change User Account Control Settings.
  • Use a DirectX proxy that virtualizes your graphics adapter, such as DGVoodoo2.

Windower will not load (Crashes on Play)!

Search for your issue in the following locations:

I get an error when running launcher and PlayOnline does not open!

Check the windower directory for a crash log, and create an issue on the Bug Tracker with the crash log attached.

My menus and game UI are gone or weird!

  • You can not use any applications that skin the game’s window like WindowsBlinds or StyleXP. Please add an exception for FFXI in the applications configuration.
  • You can not play the game with XFire either, it is known to cause problems.

Contacting the Dev Team

Are you recruiting?

Generally speaking, yes! Check out Arcon’s forum post about the roles we’d like to fill.

How can I contact the developer team directly?

You can stop by our Discord server.

How can I make addons for Windower?

See the Windower Lua wiki on GitHub.

How can I help out?

If you’re not a developer, an easy way to help out is by answering other users’ questions.