Addon commands allow you to enable, disable, and interact with Windower Lua addons.

lua load

lua load <addon>
lua l <addon>

Loads a Windower Lua addon.

lua unload

lua unload <addon>
lua u <addon>

Unloads the specified addon.

lua reload

lua reload <addon>
lua r <addon>

Reloads the specified addon.

lua command

lua command <addon> [...]
lua c <addon> [...]

Sends a command with optional arguments to the specified addon.

lua invoke

lua invoke <addon> <function> [...]
lua i <addon> <function> [...]

Invoke a function in the specified addon with optional arguments.

lua memory

lua memory
lua m

Displays addon memory usage.

lua list

lua list

Displays a list of all currently-loaded addons.

lua unloadall

lua unloadall

Unloads all currently-loaded addons.

lua exec

lua exec <script>
lua e <script>

Executes a Lua script.