General commands control basic Windower functionality such as the framerate display and screenshots.


showfps [#]

Shows or hides the framerate display.

Accepted Values
Value Description
0 Framerate display hidden
1 Framerate display visible

Tip: Use showfps without a parameter to toggle visibility.


fps_position <x> <y>

Repositions the framerate display.


screenshot <format> [hide]

Takes a screenshot in the specified format.

Supported formats: bmp, jpg, png

Tip: Use the optional hide parameter to hide Windower objects from the screenshot.

video start

video start <xres> <yres> <fps> <quality>

Starts recording a video with the specified parameters.

video stop

video stop

Stops video recording.

wait / pause

wait <#>
pause <#>

Pauses execution of a command, bind, alias, or script for the given number of seconds. Decimal values may be used.