Input commands allow you to control how Windower interacts with keyboard and mouse input, such as copy & paste and keybinds.

bind / keyboard_bind

bind [modifier][state]<key> [up] <command>
keyboard_bind [modifier][state]<key> [up] <command>

Binds a command to a key.
By default, binds activate on key press; specify up to bind on key release.

Tip: You can assign a command to multiple keys in a single statement by separating each key with a pipe (|) character.

Supported Modifiers

Modifier Description
^ Ctrl
! Alt
@ Win
# Apps
~ Shift

Supported Chat Input States

State Description
$ Keybind is valid while the game input line is active
% Keybind is valid while the game input line is inactive

For an exhaustive list of bindable keys, see the Key Mappings section.

unbind / keyboard_unbind

unbind <key> [up]
keyboard_unbind <key> [up]

Removes an existing key binding. By default, unbinds from key press; specify up to unbind from key release.



Lists all currently defined keybinds in the game chatlog.



Unbinds all currently defined keybinds.

input / keyboard_sendstring

input "<string>"
keyboard_sendstring "<string>"

Sends a string of text to the game.

type / keyboard_type

type "<string>"
keyboard_type "<string>"

Types a string of text into the game chat input bar.

Note: This is older functionality and has been replaced for most purposes by the input command.


keyboard_blockinput <#>

Blocks or enables keyboard input.

Allowed Values

Value Description
0 Allows input from the keyboard
1 Blocks input from the keyboard


keyboard_allowmmf <#>

Allows or disables keyboard input via MMF.

Allowed Values

Value Description
0 Disables MMF keyboard input
1 Allows MMF keyboard input



Pastes the contents of the Windows clipboard to the input buffer.


setkey [keyname] [state]

Sets a key to a state.

Supported Key Names

Most key names can be easily guessed, but there is probably an official mapping that should be linked here.

Supported Key States

State Description
down Key pressed down
up Key released


mouse_blockinput <#>

Blocks mouse input.

Allowed Values

Value Description
0 Allows mouse input
1 Blocks mouse input (MAJOR PROBLEMS)