What is the Windower 5 Alpha?

The Windower 5 Alpha is a preview release of the next major version of Windower, which has been under development for several years. It is a complete ground-up rewrite, and uses no code from previous versions of Windower.

The alpha is intended to allow wider exposure for stability testing of the core and API, as well as to provide addon developers an early look at new features and the opportunity to start porting existing addons.


As a complete rewrite incorporating different design philosophies and a substantial amount of learning, Windower 5 will not be backwards compatible with Windower 4 addons.

This means that existing Windower 4 addons will need to be ported to the new v5 API. For many simple addons, this should be relatively easy, but larger more complex addons such as GearSwap will take time.

Operating System Compatibility

Due to the many core changes in Windower 5, Windows XP will no longer be supported.

New Features